H is for…Hot Baths

I really struggled with H, I went through a few options all of which I didn’t like, then I decided I was going to try and think of an artist that I really liked but nobody came to mind. After that the thought was that I would maybe just do any artist but since the whole point of this was things that I actually like, it seemed a bit pointless.

Eventually I went for a bath and as I was sat pondering the situation I had a eureka moment, I like hot baths! I mean technically it should be under B but the hot is essential in this case really (you’ll just have to take my word for it).

I adore a bath, if it didn’t take so much time out of my day I would probably have one every day but I can’t seem to get in the bath without spending at least an hour in there. For the optimal bath I pour only the hot water, my house is very lucky that we have constant hot water, so it never ends up running cold. I organise tea lights in the little holders and set them up sporadically around the bathroom for atmosphere, I have a playlist of relaxing music and set it up ready to go, lastly I make sure I’ve got a big glass of water handy. I used to use bath bubbles but at the start of last year my skin started reacting to products so I no longer get that luxury. However if I’m feeling like I need a particularly long bath then I set up a little table and take my kindle in with me. It is magnificent!!

Now I know this post would have been more interesting if the picture had a cheeky leg in it but you will have to accept my apologies, if you had wanted a scare I would have done a post about Halloween!…why didn’t I think of that earlier…

8 thoughts on “H is for…Hot Baths”

  1. When we moved to our home and gave up the main bathroom to our foster children, I gave up the opportunity for this luxury. Hot showers are great too but not nearly the same. ENJOY yours while you can and I’ll try not to be too jealous.


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