Reviews 2019

Listed A-Z by book title.

In case you need a reminder, my rating system is at the end.


Awakening the Trinity by Brittany Elise


The Birds, The Bees, and You and Me by Olivia Hinebaugh


Drumbeats by Julia Ibbsotson


Finding Jess by Julia Ibbotson

The Flower Girls by Alice Clark-Platts


The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker by Jenni Keer


Just For Clicks by Kara McDowell


Second Chance at the Ranch by Maxine Morrey

The Secret to Falling in Love by Victoria Cooke


Tell Me A Secret by Jane Fallon

Triplicity by J Mercer


Walking in the Rain by Julia Ibbotson

What Happens in France by Carol Wyer

Review ratings

1I didn’t like it. I might have made myself finish it or I might have had to put it to one side. This book will have too many flaws for me to even mention. I’m hoping I never have to use this, I can’t think of any of the books I have ever read that would fall into this category but there is a first time for everything.

2It was passable. Whilst I might have found an aspect of the book intriguing, say the plot or a character or the writing style, this book still has a lot of work to do.

3I liked it. There will be parts that I felt were really strong, but there will still be some elements that aren’t reaching their full potential.

4I really enjoyed this book. Mostly everything will be top notch, however, I may have found a few things throughout that I wasn’t keen on but I will be recommending this book.

5Absolute brilliance! This book will be near perfection, one that I know will be staying with me for a while and that I will be telling people they must read.

I will also be attributing half ratings because sometimes there are some books that just deserve that little half extra or I’m being indecisive on what rating it sits between.