V is for…Vanity


Not the excessive pride in or admiration of one’s own appearance or achievements, I mean the table version where you can hoard lots of pretty things and then put on the pretty things to subsequently take excessive pride in your appearance.

I have never had a vanity table before, but in our current dwelling Scorpio made me a makeshift one. It’s not exceptionally fancy, as you can see, simply a good-sized mirror over a really nice antique table. However it has been a delight to have this little vanity, even just so that I can have all my makeup and jewellery contained to one area and don’t manage to lose things whilst scouring for a free mirror.

We are about to move again, unfortunately this time he is moving to another country, half way around the world, with work for four months and I am having to do the dreaded deed of moving back into my parents house. I should clarify, my parents are not dreadful in any way, it’s just that there does come a time when having too many adults in the one house becomes difficult, especially when some of the adults believe that your day suddenly needs to be accountable in some fashion.

So with this next move comes the realization that I cannot take this little set up with me (as it is not mine) and either I am going to go without a nice vanity table; which is going to be difficult for someone who likes to spread out her things; or I am going to have to do some raiding and try and find some things to make myself a similar set up at my parents. It is a challenge I am willing to except, it’s not one I am 100% sure that I will manage but I’ll try keep a positive attitude.

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