Milestone #giveaway !!

I don’t really have a blogiversary because when I first started on my journey I set everything up and then chickened out of actually putting anything into my lovely little space and when I did finally make an attempt I was a little lost soul for a while.

So instead of celebrating a blogiversary because that would mean having to pinpoint a date that I could use and try and remember it, I will instead celebrate milestones.

I recently reached 1000 followers on Twitter and since I have kind of ignored any milestone up until this point due to a complete lack of observation on my part and since all my other platforms are linked back to this spot of mine, I thought why not…

I didn’t really expect for everywhere and nowhere to take off and become something that I have a lot of fun with, let alone have people follow me through various means. So as a little thank you I am giving you wonderful souls a chance to win…

a Β£15 (or equivalent) Amazon gift voucher

This is open internationally and will be open until Sunday 30th April, good luck!


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