A to Z reflections #AtoZchallenge

That’s it over for another year, I can’t believe I managed it. I ended up going on an impromptu holiday over two weeks in the middle and I didn’t think I’d manage to get all the posts scheduled in time but luckily I did. I was annoyed that I didn’t get to catch up with others posts because that is half the fun but I’ll try and go back through and check some of them out if I get the time.

I really enjoyed my theme this year and I love playing about with the app so it was loads of fun playing about with the pictures and deciding what ones to use for each filter.

There was one thing that I maybe would have done differently, after the first few posts I thought maybe I should add the original but I’d already started and decided it might take too long to go back through and find the original for each picture. However, then some people commented saying that it would be nice to see the comparison, but by that point I was stressed trying to pack and schedule everything.

So I decided that as part of my reflections on the challenge that I would include both the original and the filtered version so you can see the difference the app really makes. The original is on the left and the one with the filter is on the right.

aatto original——Aatto

buckhorst original——buckhorst

blackeys original——blackeys

chivas original——chivas

cherry shine original——cherry shine

diego original——diego

daydream original——daydream

estrada original——estrada

florence original——florence

gongbi original——gongbi

hamilton original——hamilton

inas original——inas1982

jing original——jing

khun lo original——khun lo

kodama original——kodama

loftus original——loftus

love 81 original——love81

madalena original——madalena

maple original——maple

neville original——neville

otto original——otto

pop rox original——pop rox

queen west original——queen west

rudolph original——rudolph

rasputin original——rasputin

sussex original——sussex

triple crown original——triple crown

uchitel original——uchitel

vientiane original——vientiane

watts original——watts

xgrizzled original——xgrizzled

yuri original—–yuri

zama original——zama

Some of the changes are so subtle but what’s really fun is when you start putting different films, lenses and flashes together, I’ve had some very interesting pics that way.

Well I hope those of you that took part enjoyed your A to Z challenge and I hope that you’ve enjoyed this introduction to Hipstamatic.

Until next time…


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