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I’m excited to be starting the week by kicking off the tour for Black Magic’s Prey.

Hiding is no longer an option.

Tess has been stalker-free for fifteen years. She’s been living in trailer parks and preparing to run at any minute—all because in ninth grade she turned down the wrong Brujo. He comes from a long line of male witches and even back in high school, his powers were terrifying. 

He used those powers to punish Tess. To make her do things. Awful things.

Now she has a new life. She’s got a good job, a decent Airstream trailer, and a best-friend-maybe-girlfriend. She’s careful not to reveal too much about her dark past.

But none of that matters. No matter where Tess goes, he will always find her. Unless she’s willing to trust a man who may be even more twisted than her stalker’s curse.

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This is the kind of book I love picking up, an easy read that pulls you right into the story and keeps you glued until the end. I devoured this one in a day and it is quite short but I think it was more to do with just enjoying being taken along for the ride than anything else.

I always enjoy a book that features magic but I enjoyed having the darker element to this one, that Tess’s stalker was using his power to make her world fall to pieces and that she has to turn to someone who could be just as bad to help her. There is something about that kind of manipulation that strangely excites me in a story, I think it’s because I know the kind of conflict that it will end up in.

There were a few turns in this story that I was not expecting, it had a bit more action than I thought there would be but I enjoyed it and there were some strange family dynamics that had me asking so many questions which I am hopefully looking forward to exploring in the subsequent books. I found the magic very interesting and found myself wanting to know more but also enjoying that element of suspense with not getting given everything.

I really enjoyed this book it’s quick paced and had me gripped from the start, full of interesting characters and a slightly sinister but thrilling storyline. I will be picking up the next books in the series because I want to know where it goes next.

After waffling between joining a convent and enlisting in the Marines, I settled on the latter at the age of seventeen. After finishing my enlistment, I studied English literature with the intent of becoming a teacher. But after realizing I loved words more than teaching others, I used my degree to become a professional writer and editor, first with the federal civil service and then with the private sector. A lover of all things spec-fic, I wrote about women in weird situations, whether it’s magic or time travel, and enjoy the journey I take my characters on.

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