Chivas & Cherry Shine #AtoZchallenge

- - -   Chivas lens has cool contrast with tilt blur. I love the blur that this lens has, it also has a bit of a purple/blue tint to it, I like its dreamlike quality.   -   Cherry Shine flash is a burst of warm light. This tends to give a purple or… Continue reading Chivas & Cherry Shine #AtoZchallenge

Cloak and dagger #AtoZChallenge

Sitting in this car for hours, without food and the realisation that there is no nearby toilet was not what I had in mind. Stakeouts in movies or on TV usually have a swift conclusion. This is not going that well. The note I found only had an address and I don’t have anything to… Continue reading Cloak and dagger #AtoZChallenge

C is for…Corks

This may sound strange but I collect corks, mostly from prosecco/cava and on the odd occasion champagne bottles but also wine bottles, depending on the event. If it’s a special occasion and we happen to have a bottle, I like to take the cork and write the occasion on it, or a witty reminder of… Continue reading C is for…Corks