The recesses of my mind

Since the end of April I have felt a bit of a lull in my ideas for posts, I think it has something to do with the fact that I posted so many things in April that I felt a bit worn out. To get myself back into the swing of things I went looking for inspiration and stumbled across a Daily Post course called Finding Everyday Inspiration, a twenty day challenge to get me back into writing and to help me find some inspiration. I’m not going to post them up everyday, I’m going to spread this one out a bit…here is day one. Why do you write? I write because…for as long as I can remember I’ve had dreams. Vivid and eccentric and completely nonsensical dreams. It’s like having a mini movie playing in my head but its not linear. It comes together like layers, sometimes I jump from one layer to the next and even though its

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Z is for…ZZZZ

I went out last night for a friends birthday and after numerous beverages we ended up back at another friends flat. At this point I will admit I didn’t last too long and ended up slinking off to her spare room for a lie down.  At some point during the night I was joined by a female friend as the group all decided to crash. Even later on, in what was probably the small hours of the morning, Scorpio who had fallen asleep on the sofa (I was told this after the fact of course) decided that he was going to come join us and slid into the middle of the bed.  This would have been fine, however because he was in the middle, once he fell asleep again he started to sprawl out. In some part of his unconscious he must have realised that it would be bad form to sprawl onto the side that our friend was on,

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