Blog Tour | The Other Miss Bates #review

If you pop in here regularly then you'll know that I am a big Austen fan and love reading books based on the worlds she created, so I was over the moon when The Other Miss Bates was brought to my attention. - Jane Bates has left Highbury to become the companion of the invalid widow Mrs… Continue reading Blog Tour | The Other Miss Bates #review

Blog Tour | Mrs Bates Of Highbury #review

I love a bit of Jane Austen and have already read a book inspired by the stories that Ms Austen wrote, so I was really happy when I discovered this book. - Thirty years before the beginning of 'Emma' Mrs Bates is entirely different from the elderly, silent figure familiar to fans of Jane Austen’s… Continue reading Blog Tour | Mrs Bates Of Highbury #review

Blog Tour | What Kitty Did Next #review

I absolutely love Jane Austen and of course Pride and Prejudice so when I head about What Kitty Did Next, the story of Kitty Bennet I was all for getting my hands on it. Before I tell you my thoughts here is what the book is about. - England, 1813 – Nineteen-year-old Catherine Bennet lives… Continue reading Blog Tour | What Kitty Did Next #review