everywhere in December

Last month was a whirlwind!! The start of this month hasn't been much better, I can't believe how quickly it came in and how much I managed to contribute to everywhere despite being rushed off my feet and having some very distracting personal things to deal with. Although I am pleased that I managed to… Continue reading everywhere in December

The curtain

A flickering curtain with the hint of jagged rocks cutting through the surface, uninviting to most. Pull it away, make it through the thunderous minefield and find peace. A haven. With the person that you wish to escape the world for as much time as you both desire. A beautiful alternate reality. - - This… Continue reading The curtain

everywhere in September

Lots of reviews this month, which I don't know how I managed, I've not been around as much to connect with all you lovelies which does make me sad, but I'm hoping to get back into the swing of it in the coming month. Also I have a little announcement coming up which is scary… Continue reading everywhere in September

Alternate beginning

Grace looked at the young woman's body, whoever had done this was clever. Edinburgh was cold and grey, it had been raining all night, there wasn't going to be much evidence left. Her nerves at being the one in charge this time disappeared as soon as the post mortem report was over. - - This… Continue reading Alternate beginning

An adventure of sorts

"I know we've just been on holiday but do you think you have enough money for a trip to Menorca?" "Didn't you just get back from there?" "Yes...but I met a guy." "So let me get this straight, girls holiday to Menorca to chase a guy?" "Yes, basically." "Sign me up!" - - This was… Continue reading An adventure of sorts