If things go well and I’m not blown away by a gust of wind, then I shall be in Barcelona.

This very second.

Not writing this as likely there wont be many an occasion to do so, but off taking pictures and exploring and drinking lots of wine and eating mountains of food.

As you can imagine this is prewritten; as I sit, still in bed, thinking about all the things I have to do but not managing to get up to do them just yet.

I have two days and I havent packed a case or organised any money. Or found my passport which is the more worrying of the list.

Anyway, I suppose you can call this fair warning of an abundance of nonsense to come following my return to normality in a few weeks, either that or you’ll never see this post because I will have been bested by the “safe place” that seems to swallow all my important things, and I will be around to delete it.


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