E is for…Easter


This is one of my favourite times/holidays of the year. It all starts with Shrove Tuesday, aka Pancake Day, where if I want to I will have pancakes for all meals of the day; I usually manage lunch and dinner, not for a lack of trying, but I have yet to master remembering to make the batter the night before so that I can have them for breakfast. I normally go for the crepe style pancakes with lemon and sugar, I’ll occasionally take a ham and cheese, but sweet is always my preference.

Then Lent starts and I either give up something (generally food/drink related) or try to do something new. This might sound like a strange practice for someone with no religious affiliation however I attribute it to my grandmother, who tried to “make up” for the fact that her and my grandfather married even though one was catholic and one was protestant (very frowned upon in her day apparently), by introducing me to lots of different practices and not mentioning that they had anything to do with religion. Made for some interesting revelations in my teenage years at school.

After Lent comes the main attraction. The one many others know as Easter Sunday but will forever be known by me as The Chocolate Holiday. One of the few days of the year that it is perfectly acceptable to gift people mountains of chocolate. Well maybe not everyone gets mountains, but since my nearest and dearest know how much of a chocoholic I am I tend to get enough to last a year. Which in reality lasts a month. Sometimes less…depends on whether I gave up chocolate that year or not. This year my haul was excessive, which is probably not something I should be as pleased with since I am not a small child/teenager any longer and my waistline doesn’t need any extra help getting bigger. However chocolate is my vice, my kryptonite if you will, so I just can’t help it.

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