The 100 day project

So I’ve been meaning to finish my three part foray but life just keeps getting in the way. Instead I am going to do a short post about an instagram project that I have been doing, that I originally mentioned in one of my AtoZ posts. Even though I kept mistakenly referring to it as the challenge, the 100 day project involves me trying to successfully fold paper into various shapes. We are now two weeks in so I thought I would share my progress. Plus I’m away for five days so this will have to be my post for the week.

OriginalPhoto-482771114.742440The Simple Swan. Day 1/100
IMG_5834The Simple Bird. Day 2/100
OriginalPhoto-482848576.198155Peahen. Day 3/100
Somersault. Day 4/100
IMG_5874Ladybird. Day 5/100
IMG_5876Tulips. Day 6/100
IMG_5878Heart. Day 7/100
IMG_5883Crane. Day 8/100
IMG_5900Blossom. Day 9/100
IMG_5947Triangle Box. Day 10/100
IMG_5948Simple Boat. Day 11/100
IMG_5949Angelfish. Day 12/100
IMG_5950Pelican. Day 13/100
IMG_5951Little Box. Day 14/100

So there you have it. If you feel the sudden desire to see my creations on a daily basis, you can check out my instagram from here or you can have a look at my tag #100daysoffoldingpaper. You should also check out the #100dayproject tag to see what other interesting things people are up to.

2 thoughts on “The 100 day project”

  1. Good luck with your 100 days. If you get really hooked you could turn it into 365 days! If you need some ideas on what to fold, I’ve got some simple models with instructions, as well as some more complex inspirations:


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