The 100 day project

I’m not always good at admitting my failings but since there’s something to be learned from them I don’t mind sharing this one. So you may or may not be aware this year I took part in the 100 day project, I started out pretty well and I was really enjoying it (you can see the first two updates here: one two) however…I began to waver and then gave up completely. I know there were others that did the project that missed days here and there and then just continued, even after the challenge was finished. Still, for me, having to deal with moving house and then going on holiday just wasn’t condusive to making some origami creations every day. It got to a point that I’d fallen so far behind that I knew I’d be doing it until the end of the year, so I admitted defeat. Here are the rest of the days that I managed: A Goldfish.

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O is for…Origami

   I haven’t gone to bed yet so this counts as my catch up post, which means I’m on track for tomorrow…it’s only taken three days. O is another letter that I struggled with. I hadn’t really thought of anything apart from orange and whilst I could happily munch away on a orange segment, of the fruity or Terry’s chocolate variety, I didn’t think it was really worth trying to write a whole post about it.  However I then happened across a post by a fellow blogger that described something called the 100 day challenge. Now even though I am in the middle of one challenge and have managed to miss days with this one, I decided that the 100 day challenge would be a good way to learn a new skill.  Now over the weekend I found myself in Scorpio’s (my other half) home town, helping him clean out the loft at his mother’s house. Whilst rifling through boxes,

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