Coming soon to a page near you…

You may or may not already know that I am somewhat of a reader, any time, any place, I am always happy to pick up a book or my kindle and get lost in a story. I don’t know why I haven’t ever done this before but recently I started thinking about reviewing the books that I read. Maybe it’s because I never would have had any confidence that people would care what I had to say before, or maybe it’s just that everywhere and nowhere has made me think that it no longer matters and that if I want to do it then why not? Either way I started looking into what makes a good review and what my ratings will be.

I decided that before I start inundating you with reviews aplenty (because I have managed to overdo myself with it a little, it happens when I get excited about something) I should explain what my review ratings would be, because I know everyone does it a little differently.


oneI didn’t like it. I might have made myself finish it or I might have had to put it to one side. This book will have too many flaws for me to even mention. I’m hoping I never have to use this, I can’t think of any of the books I have ever read that would fall under this category but there is a first time for everything.


twoIt was passable. Whilst I might have found an aspect of the book intriguing, say the plot or a character or the writing style, this book still has a lot of work to do.


threeI liked it. There will be parts that I felt were really strong, but there will still be some elements that aren’t reaching their full potential.


fourI really enjoyed this book. Mostly everything will be top notch, however I may have found a few things throughout that I wasn’t keen on but overall I will be recommending this book.


fiveAbsolute brilliance! This book will be near perfection, one that I know will be staying with me for a while and that I will be telling people they must read.

I will also be attributing half ratings because sometimes there are some books that just deserve that little half extra or I’m being indecisive on what rating it sits between.

There you have it, I’m excited to get started but I’m also excited to be introducing books to new people, so hopefully it all goes well.

P.S I’ll say it here in case I forget to do it at some later point but all reviews will be my own opinion and you are entitled to disagree.

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