Blog Tour: The Girls in the Woods


Don’t go into the woods. Because you’re in for a big surprise…

In an old album there is a beautiful Victorian photo that captures three young sisters, staring silently at one another. Only the trained eye can see the truth hiding in plain view. One of the sisters is already dead.

Annie Ashworth is currently off duty. With her baby bump growing fast, she is under strict instructions to stay away from police work and look after herself, especially as she has a history of leading danger right to her door. So when her police officer husband, Will, is called to the discovery of a skeleton buried out in the local woods, Annie tries to keep out of the investigation. But as another body is discovered and her own niece suddenly goes missing, staying away just isn’t an option.

As Annie is soon to discover, a picture really does tell a thousand stories. But which one leads to a killer?

The gripping new detective thriller that will haunt you

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 There was something white sticking out of the ground in front of her. She looked at it, trying to get her mind to process exactly what it was. When it finally decided that what it was seeing was real, she opened her mouth to scream…

Annie is an off duty police officer, whose husband Will has just started investigating a skeleton found in the woods. Annie is supposed to be taking it easy, considering she’s six months pregnant, but trouble seems to find her. When her niece goes missing she ends up getting involved in something a lot bigger than it seemed.

I was really intrigued by the blurb of this book and even though I hadn’t read any of the other books in the series, I decided I would give it a shot anyway. I’m so glad I did. However it is going to be quite hard to review without giving away lots of spoilers but I shall try my best.

What might not be obvious about this book; unless maybe you’ve read the previous books; is that there is a supernatural element to it, and whilst at first it felt like a bit of a strange tangent, I actually really enjoyed this added aspect. It made it feel a lot more creepy and really added to the suspense; the almost misdirect of wondering if it was going to be a good encounter or a bad encounter, meant I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next.

I really liked how the plot was set up and that it explains what set the killer on the path that they were on. The use of photography was something that drew me in and I thought it provided a really unique storyline; it’s definitely not something I’ve come across before. I also thought that it was very interesting to see how the character develops and their reaction as the investigation unfolds.

Again though the best thing about how the story is written is that you are looking one way and then something else comes out of nowhere, leaving you reeling. I got to a certain point in the book and thought…no, this can’t be the end I’ve read this too quickly, and then something else popped up. I couldn’t have told you what was going to happen next, I was just along for the ride.

The one downside to this book, for me, was that it was mentioned that you could read it as a stand-alone. I don’t think you should. There was a lot mentioned from previous stories that I could tell was relevant to a characters state of mind or a reaction, but I felt like there wasn’t enough detail there for someone who had never read the books before. It did get a bit confusing with some of the characters, especially when mentioning ones from previous encounters and I had to stop and go back and try and figure out who they were and how they related to the scene now.

Overall I thought this book was really captivating but I would definitely recommend reading it from the start of the series.


Thank you to the author and Neverland Blog Tours for the review copy of this book.

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