Years of ammunition

“Girls are you packed?”

“Yeah, Mum are we going fancy fancy?”

“Of course, it’s not every day my sister turns 50. Have you got the tickets, John?”

“Yeah just here.”

“Is this a joke?”


“Look at the destination.”

“What’s the problem?”

“Alicante! We are supposed to be going to Arrecife!”

“Oh shit!”


This was written for Sacha Black‘s writespiration challenge, to write no more or no less than 52 words with the prompt given. This week’s prompt was…

The Big Birthday


9 thoughts on “Years of ammunition”

      1. Yeah my dad has never lived it down, especially as we had to go because it was too late to change the tickets and it ended up raining the whole time we were there. My mum threatened my dad with divorce at every spare opportunity, it was really funny 🙂


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