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Welcome to my second stop on the tour, just in case you missed it I also had a brilliant guest post from Diane. Today though it’s my review and of course there’s the giveaway as well. First though here’s a little reminder of what the book is about…

Those Who LieEmily Klein doesn’t know she has killed her husband until the day of his funeral.

At first, signs point to a tragic accident. Yet, as Emily pieces together the events before his death – events which led to her own memory loss – she begins to suspect that her husband’s death may have been the result of more than a terrible twist of fate…

But the accident is only the beginning. Because while Emily’s physical scars will heal, the trauma of the accident has awakened old ghosts. She hears strange sounds, catches things that can’t possibly be there in the corner of her eye. Before long, everywhere she looks, she seems to see her husband.

And suddenly, Emily finds herself asking the most dangerous question of all.

Can she really trust herself?

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Emily wishes her mother would say it was an accident – that it was no one’s fault. But Josephine doesn’t say anything else. Does she blame me for Greg’s death? Am I to blame?

When Emily wakes up in hospital she discovers that she has caused a car accident and that her husband did not survive it. She doesn’t remember the accident, only that they had an argument before it occurred, and once released from hospital she slowly tries to piece together what happened. Then she receives a message from Greg from beyond the grave and she starts to question everything around her, including herself.

This is a hard review to write, Those Who Lie had good promise, it certainly intrigued me at the start, however, I have to admit that I managed to figure out where the story was going fairly early on in the book. I kept reading hoping that actually, I would be entirely mistaken and that I would be shocked by the end but alas this did not happen.

Unfortunately, with this genre, I’ve noticed that if I do manage to work out the storyline then the book loses pretty much all of its suspense and that did happen in this case. It has all the right elements for a book in this genre, there are twists, an unreliable narrator, and a good few red herrings. Probably as a result of knowing the outcome I could tell immediately when they were being set up, but I think if I didn’t have any idea then it would have been really impactful.

The storyline was interesting though, certainly enough to keep me reading. Emily’s backstory really caught my attention and I liked that it switched between present day and her childhood. As you learned more about her past you did start to question what was happening in the present, and it was enough to give me a little doubt at times.

I don’t want to come across as too critical because I know that the main problem was that I had guessed the outcome correctly, but I did find it hard to connect with the characters. There were situations in the book that I felt weren’t entirely plausible and it made it hard for me to really empathize with any of them.

Whilst I did kind of ruin this book for myself (which I am annoyed about because it did have everything you need for a book in this genre) I know there are others that have read it and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I would still recommend it.

If you want to find out for yourself what the book is like then be sure to click the link below and you could win…

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There are still lots of stops coming up on the tour so be sure to check them out as well.

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Diane Jeffrey grew up in North Devon. She lives in Lyon, France with her husband and their three children, black Labrador and kitten.

THOSE WHO LIE is her debut psychological thriller.

Diane is an English teacher. She hates marking and Mondays. When she’s not working or writing, she likes swimming, running and reading. She loves chocolate, beer and holidays.

Above all, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

You can connect with her on Facebook or Twitter.


5 thoughts on “Blog Tour | Those Who Lie #review #giveaway”

  1. I remember I was very disappointed when I read The Ex and guessed where the story was going before the 50% mark, it does lose a bit of appeal, especially when every hint confirms your intuition. But I love the sound of this book, although I wish they had used a different cover, it resembles A Suitable Lie’s cover a lot! Great review!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I know, I always thought if I guessed the end of a book that I would feel a sense of accomplishment or just really clever, but I always get so annoyed now, because I know I’m not going to get the same reading experience.

      Do you know I had thought it looked familiar, but I never put those two together 🙂


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