#IWSG – Taking advantage

The thought crossed my mind, I could do an A to Z of Not Even The Trees, really introduce people to my little slice of the world but honestly, I don’t even know enough about it yet. Not enough to make it interesting anyway. As I mentioned in this post, which was the first time I’ve shared that much in this space about my story, things took a bit of an unexpected turn and I am now taking the book in a slightly different direction than I intentionally thought.

It still follows the same direction but some of the things I had originally considered major points in the book have taken a backseat which completely changes the focus. This means that I am relearning a lot about this little world, so I really don’t know enough about it anymore. It’s exciting though because it means I get to learn it all over again from a slightly different perspective.

But also nervewracking, I think that this version will be better, I feel more passion for it, however, there’s also a little niggle in the back of my mind that wonders that if this has happened once what’s to stop the idea evolving even more. Am I going to have to keep rewriting? Will I ever feel like it’s good enough? Will I end up losing all passion for it?

I’m trying not to let those thoughts overshadow my writing though and I’m just going to hope that I don’t have any more brainwaves that change things up again.

In case you’re interested I decided to do my A to Z on flash fiction (not sure how I’m doing to my own prompts) they can be found here.


Written as part of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group.

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