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Today I am one of the hosts kicking off the tour for Recluse Millionaire, Reluctant Bride before we get to my review here is what the book is about.

Recluse MillionaireIs his reluctant bride a business risk or a personal necessity?

Stan Rogers, recluse millionaire, must negotiate a risky deal with Stella Ryan, the exotic beauty from his past, to gain custody of his son. But how can he close the deal with her, the one and only woman who flips his switches and pegs him as the enemy?

Martial artist Stella knows she should steer clear of Stan, the man who had shattered her heart and could still destroy her. Four years have passed since their hostile business deal, and now, the American financier is proposing holy matrimony…but she’s the reluctant bride wondering, what’s he up to?

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This is one of those guilty pleasure kind of books, one that you don’t have to think too hard about, you know what to expect going in, a couple hours of easy entertainment.

Although fairly predictable in storyline there is enough chemistry between Stan and Stella to keep it interesting. I’ll be honest and say that I almost gave up with this book but there does come a point where it started to get a little bit addictive, which I think can be attributed to the pace of the story. It is a short book but it was so fast paced after a certain point that I finished it a lot quicker than I had imagined I would.

The issue I had with this book at the start was the writing style, there is a flashback scene that had no real delineation, so it took a while to figure out when it ended and confused what was going on. At points, the writing was quite clunky and rushed and there were a few occasions that I felt like the characters voices felt muddled one would suddenly use phrases that another character had been using, it sometimes made it hard to keep track of who was speaking.

Another gripe, of course, is the insta-love, I am not a fan but I had gone in kind of expecting it so it didn’t frustrate me quite as much as it could have.

Whilst this book wasn’t my kind of book it was still entertaining and I’m sure that if you like a romance book with an Alpha male then you’ll enjoy this.



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