100 days of double exposures the end

So after being all gung-ho about this project last year (you can find the introduction to that here) and feeling like I was so on top of it, I managed to let it fall by the wayside. No particular reason why, of course, just generally not getting round to posting pictures, even though I had taken most of them.

With the next project probably soon to be on the way I decided that I really needed to get round to finishing it, so here we have it the last quarter of my project #100daysofdoubleexposures

Day76      Day77      Day78

————Day79        Day80

Day81      Day82      Day83

————Day84        Day85

Day86      Day87      Day88

————Day89        Day90

Day91      Day92      Day93

————Day94        Day95

Day96      Day97      Day98

————Day99        Day100

So there you have it, if you want to check out the whole project in one place then have a look here.


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