Diego, Daydream, & Dreampop #AtoZchallenge

Diego lens

Daydream film

Dreampop flash



Diego lens style is cool painterly undertones inspired by photographer Diego Uchitel. I like the muted effect this lens gives and how it imposes another texture into the picture.




Daydream film style is borderless texture and aboriginal vibe. This film really makes colours pop, the picture is quite overcast but the greens stand out.




Dreampop flash style is a spot burst of a random assortment of subconscious light for that ‘just woken up’ look. This usually has a more direct flash effect on the image but in this image, it just brightens all the colours.

This post is part of my A to Z challenge, this years theme is Hipstamatic.

The last post was Chivas and Cherry Shine, to see the rest of the challenge so far click here.



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