Diego, Daydream, & Dreampop #AtoZchallenge

- - - -   Diego lens style is cool painterly undertones inspired by photographer Diego Uchitel. I like the muted effect this lens gives and how it imposes another texture into the picture.   -   Daydream film style is borderless texture and aboriginal vibe. This film really makes colours pop, the picture is… Continue reading Diego, Daydream, & Dreampop #AtoZchallenge

Disappear #AtoZChallenge

I know that by the time you find this letter you’ll be worried about me and I’m sorry for that. I didn’t plan for this to happen in the way that it has but I wouldn’t really change it for the world either. I hadn’t intended falling in love with her but you always said… Continue reading Disappear #AtoZChallenge