Something for every occasion with Paperless Post

As many of you may know I do love stationery, if you didn’t know that then I’m telling you now I love stationery, I have boxes under my bed full of cute cards and tags and all sorts. So when I was contacted by Paperless Post to try out some of their customizable online stationery I was intrigued and decided to give it a shot.


First of all, there are loads of options to choose from, birthday cards, invitations for parties, wedding invitations, thank you cards, graduation cards, I could go on and on and on but you get the idea, they have thought of pretty much every occasion.

I’m not going to lie there is nothing I love more than getting some post through my letterbox and I could never completely rely on an online service anyway because there are always people, like my gran as an example, who doesn’t have an email address and wouldn’t know what one was in the first place.

However as I’m sure is the same for a lot of you, I have friends and family that live all over the world and sometimes it would be nice to send them something other than a quick text or having to worry about posting it on time.

With that in mind, I decided to make a card for my friend Jo who lives in New York to see what the experience was like.

birthday card

It was so hard to choose a card! There are so many lovely designs, loads that I would have picked but in the end I went with this one because Jo cycles everywhere. I could have spent ages scrolling through all the different designs to pick one, they have cute cards, ones with slogans, ones that are funny as well as ones from some well-known designers like Kate Spade, Oscar de la Renta, Jonathan Adler, and Rifle Paper Co. What’s really fun about the whole process though is that you can customize pretty much everything.


First up is the background, and again there are lots of options to choose from, everything from floral to confetti, I went with glittery because I love a bit of glitter.

card message

Then you get to create your message, you can play about with fonts and sizes and go with the message already on there or change it to make it even more personal.

envelope liner

So you can just stick with the envelope and liner that comes with the design or you can really make it your own and play about with the lots of different options that they give you. I went for the love hearts with a grey envelope instead of the original just because it’s more my style.

envelope front

You even get to customize the stamp and postmark, I chose a happy birthday stamp but again there are loads for every occasion, and a New York postmark, I would have liked if they had some more from the UK because so far most of the cities are American ones with the exception of London but in this case since it was being sent to New York I thought it fit pretty well.


Then it was just adding in an email and sending it away, I liked that they sent me a confirmation to say it had gone, I had sent it to myself and Jo just so that I could see what it would look like when she got it and I was impressed with how it appeared. There’s always a worry that it was going to be a bit tacky but it looked classy and I was pleased with how simplistic it was, there wasn’t a lot of writing, just the envelope and a button to press to see the card.

card final

When it opened it was a little video of the card coming out the envelope and then showing the design on the front and then spinning to reveal the message on the back. It was very quick to load, there’d be nothing worse than a spinny wheel of death, and whilst I couldn’t capture the whole thing for you, I thought it was a lovely way to showcase the card that I had chosen.

kate spade

I also decided to try out the invitations to see how easy it actually was, because since a lot of us usually now use Facebook events to organize these things it would be nice to give it a nicer touch. I chose this Kate Spade design because it was cute and not too fussy which is my style.


It was the same simple set up as the birthday card, really easy to navigate and customize except you also got to set up an RSVP card and it had the cool video of the card being opened.

invitation 2

It also gave all the information really clearly and you could choose which things to include, there was an option to include the guest list with the invitation which would show who had said they were already attending, I didn’t bother on this occasion but it is a handy function to have. The dashboard is also easy to navigate and keeps you updated on the process and when people have accepted or declined your invitation.

The one thing I thought might be a bit off-putting about the process is that Paperless Post uses coins that you have to buy from them instead of the price being in your currency. I had very kindly been given a lot of coins so that I could get the experience but wasn’t sure how it would equate to the real money alternative. Actually, when I worked it out, the cost of buying the card and the stamp to send it overseas or had the invitations printed, got envelopes and all those stamps, it worked out at a lot cheaper than I would usually spend.

In the end, I was really happy with the whole experience, it was hassle free and certainly takes the pressure off if you’ve forgotten a birthday and aren’t going to make it to a shop, or like me if you have to write loads of thank you cards and want to save your fingers from getting sore. I will definitely be keeping Paperless Post in mind the next time I have an event.

If you want to find out more about them you can find them on their Website, Facebook, or Twitter.


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