#IWSG – Too much

I can’t answer this month’s suggested question as I have yet to have a publication journey.  I have also not really written anything for a while except some flash fiction so I don’t feel like I have anything interesting to share.

The one thing I have been thinking about lately is setting myself a goal, whether it be a certain amount of words a day or a week or maybe just an amount of chapters by a deadline. I just know that I am super busy until 2019 so is there any point in doing it now knowing I’ll more than likely fail or put it off but risk losing all my mojo and end up just a person with lots of ideas and nothing to show for them.

To save this getting more maudlin I’ll leave it at that.


Written as part of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group.

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6 thoughts on “#IWSG – Too much”

  1. Setting word or chapter deadlines never works for me. But when I am busy, and also while commuting, I keep thinking of what to write. So when I do sit down to write, it is easier.

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  2. Hang in there! Goals are important, I think, and I find them self-motivating. Try setting some achievable goals & see what happens. Most importantly, never give up! Wishing you much success! Have a great week.

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