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It’s Saturday! If you are looking for a fun and flirty book to read this weekend then this might be for you.

finding felix

A family wedding. A fake boyfriend. A recipe for disaster! A funny, feel-good romantic comedy from bestseller Jo Platt

Singleton Dot Riley’s grandmother, Nanny Flo, is on her deathbed, surrounded by family and distraught at the thought of Dot being all alone in the world. Desperate to make Flo’s final moments happy ones, Dot invents a boyfriend – plumping in panic for her childhood friend, Felix, a firm favourite of Flo, but whom Dot hasn’t actually seen for 15 years.

But when Flo makes an unexpected recovery a few weeks before a family wedding, Dot is faced with a dilemma.  Should she tell her frail grandmother that she lied and risk causing heartache and a relapse?  Or should she find Felix and take him to the wedding?

Dot opts for finding Felix.  But it’s not long before she discovers that finding him is the easy bit: liking him is the real challenge.


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I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump lately but this has been the perfect book to bring me back out of it. From the start I could just tell that I was going to love Finding Felix, it’s the kind of situation that I could totally see myself in, letting a situation run away from me and getting myself in a bit of a pickle over it.

It was such an entertaining book, there were a few moments that I couldn’t help but laugh out loud to and lots of moments that I could relate to. It is a light-hearted book and there is, of course, some romance but actually the bits that stood out the most for me were the interactions between Dot and her friends and family.

The relationship between Dot, her sister Becca, and her mother was great, even though her mother was overbearing at times and drove Dot up the wall a little bit it was lovely to read about a solid family unit that knew and accepted each others flaws. The friendship between Dot and Kate was also wonderful, they are such contrasting personalities but they work so well together. I also admired the fact that there were no fighting women in this, I’ve noticed that some romances tend to play women off against each other but this book has none of that.

Dot was such a fun character, if she were real we would be fast friends, a bit ditzy but also the kind of character that brings a lot of life to the book. Towards the end there were a few points that I felt like she maybe should have learned a little bit from her actions, but it didnt hinder my enjoyment in any way.

I liked Felix best when he started to open up a little, I can totally see why he was more reserved at the beginning but I felt like I couldn’t really warm up to him and Dot maybe becoming something when he was so uptight. Nanny Flo was also a gem, she always made me smile with her amusing and cheeky lines.

Finding Felix is a delightful book that I was engrossed in whilst reading and one that I was looking forward to getting stuck back into any time I put it down. This is one that I would definitely recommend and I’m looking forward to checking out some more of Jo Platt’s work.



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Jo Platt was born in Liverpool in 1968 and, via the extremely winding route of rural Wiltshire, London, Seattle and St Albans, she is now happily settled in Bristol with her husband and two daughters. She studied English at King’s College London before going on to work in the City for ten years. In 2000 she escaped into motherhood and part-time employment, first as an assistant teacher in a Seattle pre-school and then was a Bristol-based secretary to her husband.

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