ten confessions of a terrible book blogger

I have been thinking a lot about my blogging habits lately and in the process of doing so have come to the conclusion that I am really quite a terrible book blogger. I’ve been making notes for at least a year but there have definitely been some corkers since the start of this year, as my personal life has started to get a bit hectic and I’m finding that I’m not quite as good at juggling as I thought I was.

I know what you are thinking why would I want to share with you these confessions, why not just keep it to myself so no one has to know…because sometimes I feel like I put too much pressure on myself and I’m sure there are others like me out there that feel the same way, so I am sharing my terrible moments to give you a bit of a laugh and so that those of you who also sometimes feel out of your depth can think…well at least I’m not as bad as that 😉

This is not an exhaustive list of indiscretions and most of them are to do with being part of blog tours when I have a deadline to stick to, but I think these rank quite high on the terrible book blogger scale…

  1. Being almost completely absent from the book blogging community, the wider blogging community too. This always makes me feel guilty because I do enjoy reading other people’s posts and commenting here and there but I spend so much time reading or putting my posts together that I don’t end up getting around to it.


  1. Forgetting to write down a date for a post or writing down the wrong date in my book blogging calendar and having to scramble to get a post put together, usually at 10pm when my brain is mush and everything about the internet suddenly becomes really difficult.

over it

  1. Getting so behind on my reading schedule that I only manage to read half of a book, writing a review pretending like I finished the book and then going back and updating the review once I have finished it.

cant read

  1. Reading half a book but admitting it in the post and only reviewing that half of the book with the promise that I will go back and revise the review once I have finished the book. Not managing to pick the book up again for months later or never getting around to finishing the book.


  1. Reviews due that are written on my lunch break that I look back and cringe over because of all the spelling mistakes or accidentally getting a character’s name or title wrong.

box of shame

  1. Staying up until 3 am to finish a book and write a review because I know that I don’t have any time to write the review on my lunch break the next day.


  1. I will preface this confession by saying that I did have quite a few issues with my kindle at the start of the year (don’t you just love it when technology lets you down) but I have used it as an excuse because I really just didn’t like the book and left it too late.


  1. Accidentally forgetting to download a book from Netgalley for a tour and when I noticed that I didn’t have it on my kindle and went to get it the book was archived. That was a tough one because I actually really wanted to read the book, I think I did the blame the kindle thing again.

face palm


  1. Once again being exceptionally last minute with reading and having to tell the publisher the day before the tour that I really couldn’t read the book but unfortunately doing it when I was having a tough day and unintentionally being a bit harsh about the book in the process.


  1. Not being able to finish a book for a tour but leaving it too late, as usual, panicking and then just casually missing my stop and hoping that no one noticed.


So there you have it, I feel a bit better getting that off my chest, although I feel like I should grovel at the same time…so here’s a cute cat to do it for me.


Here’s the real question though on a scale of one to ten how terrible a book blogger are you? 😉


5 thoughts on “ten confessions of a terrible book blogger”

      1. Ha ha😂and it’s not easy, believe me, being a pillar of the blogging community and all, lol😇🙏

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