everywhere in July

This will be pretty short and sweet since I have been cutting back on posting and trying to focus more on reading and getting some balance in my life. Here’s what went on this month…

A guest post on the tour for The Road To Cromer Pier about author Martin Gore’s journey to writing his book.

Excerpts from…

Storms Over Babylon by Jennifer Macaire.

From The Outside by Clare Johnston.

A guest post on the tour for The Scribe from author A. A. Chaudhuri about the transition from lawyer to writer.

A spotlight on Deserve To Die by Miranda Rijks.

Books Reviewed

Goodreads tells me I am four books ahead of schedule but still haven’t read any books for the 20 books of summer challenge or for my retellings reading challenge.

Unmaking of Ellie Rook

The Unmaking Of Ellie Rook

An intense, emotional and atmospheric read with a brilliant free-spirited character.

4.5 triangle


the reunion

The Reunion

A book that constantly kept me guessing, with some interesting characters and an obsessive quality.

4.5 triangle


within ash and stardust

Within Ash and Stardust

A thrilling conclusion to an amazing series…if you have a thing for space, love triangles and a lot of action then this is for you.

5 triangle


Coming up…

—————lord of secrets—–six stories—–diabolic



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