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Even though my week seems to be getting progressively worse, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, I’m happy that I have good books to keep my spirits up, today I am on the tour for All Your Twisted Secrets.

about the book

all your twisted secrets

This thrilling debut, reminiscent of new fan favorites like One of Us Is Lying and the beloved classics by Agatha Christie, will leave readers guessing until the explosive ending.

Welcome to dinner, and again, congratulations on being selected. Now you must do the selecting.

What do the queen bee, star athlete, valedictorian, stoner, loner, and music geek all have in common? They were all invited to a scholarship dinner, only to discover it’s a trap. Someone has locked them into a room with a bomb, a syringe filled with poison, and a note saying they have an hour to pick someone to kill … or else everyone dies.

Amber Prescott is determined to get her classmates and herself out of the room alive, but that might be easier said than done. No one knows how they’re all connected or who would want them dead. As they retrace the events over the past year that might have triggered their captor’s ultimatum, it becomes clear that everyone is hiding something. And with the clock ticking down, confusion turns into fear, and fear morphs into panic as they race to answer the biggest question: Who will they choose to die?

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my thoughts

With this week being a bit stressful I unfortunately haven’t had the chance to finish the book, I know I’m so terrible. So to make amends I am going to share my thoughts on what I have read so far and then I’ll update this review once I finish, which might be sooner than I think because it is quite hard to put this book down.

I have definitely been hooked from the start, there is no preamble with this the mystery kicks in straight away and has me guessing with each new chapter, what happens to get them to that point of them being locked in the room together. I do enjoy locked room mysteries but actually until now I’ve watched them through TV or movies rather than read about them so this has been quite a thrilling experience for me.

The story is told in two timelines the present where they are all stuck in the room together and from a year before which gives us insight into how they all know or get to know each other. I really like this duality, I can feel the tension as they try to figure out what to do to find some way out of the situation they are in and then added to that is the suspense of trying to figure what it is from the past year that has put them in the situation and of course who is it that wants them there.

So far I am enjoying the mix of characters, their differences make for some exciting reading, I also like that added to the stress of being put in the situation that they are in they are also having to deal with their relationships with each other. I am looking forward to finding out what had happened between some of the characters to make them act the way they are with each other. I did a buzzfeed quiz that the author posted on her twitter to see which character I am most like and got Priya, so far there are definitely a few resemblances but I think I’ll have to hold proper judgement until once I’m finished reading.

I am really enjoying this book so far and I am looking forward to getting lost in its pages once again. I’m excited to find out how this story will resolve itself because as of now I have no idea of what is going to happen next, I’m just along for the ride.



For those of you in the US, if you like the sound of the book then click the link below to be in with the chance of winning…

one of two copies of ALL YOUR TWISTED SECRETS by Diana Urban

about the author

I’m Diana Urban, and I write dark, twisty thrillers for teens including All Your Twisted Secrets (HarperTeen, March 17th 2020). When I’m not torturing fictional characters, I’m a marketing manager at BookBub, a leading book discovery platform. Outside the bookish world, I live with my husband and cat in Boston, and enjoy reading, video games, fawning over cute animals, and looking at the beach from a safe distance.

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