Book Review | The Nothing Man #20booksofsummer20

Book four of my challenge, I’m still hoping to make it to ten even though it is looking less and less likely.

I was the girl who survived the Nothing Man.
Now I am the woman who is going to catch him…

You’ve just read the opening pages of The Nothing Man, the true crime memoir Eve Black has written about her obsessive search for the man who killed her family nearly two decades ago.

Supermarket security guard Jim Doyle is reading it too, and with each turn of the page his rage grows. Because Jim was – is – the Nothing Man.

The more Jim reads, the more he realizes how dangerously close Eve is getting to the truth. He knows she won’t give up until she finds him. He has no choice but to stop her first…

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This book is just…wow. I was hooked from the first page, honestly this story was captivating, it’s the kind of book that you are desperate to see what happens but also really don’t want it to end.

Going into the book I was both intrigued by the fact that we know who the killer is but I also wondered if there would be the same kind of suspense as there would be if we didn’t know. All I can say is I was on the edge of my seat, it was thrilling getting to experience Jim’s reactions to the book and as he gets closer to finding out if what Eve knows will expose him I could feel the panic as if it were my own.

The split of the passages between Jim’s narrative and Eve’s book were expertly done, I thought the tonal change worked so well and really heightened the suspense. I also liked that it felt like I was getting a true crime book and a thriller at the same time, it is such a unique take on a story.

I don’t want to say too much more about the story but another thing that I loved exploring was the contrast of the things The Nothing Man has done, which are sensationalised and notorious, against Jim as he is now. It just added that extra layer of brilliance to an already clever story and is the kind of thing that can really make me invest into the story that bit deeper.

I wish I could go on and on but to be honest this is just one that you should read and experience for yourself, it is a book that you don’t want to miss.

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