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I’m switching it up again with a steamy romance, not a bad way to bring in the weekend.

Emma’s world is rocked as the real monster lurking in the shadows is unveiled.  

Emma Andrews’ last memory of her mother is seeing her bleeding to death on the bathroom floor. Several years later, Emma is kidnapped and forced to face the same monster that killed her mother. Quickly, Emma—a daydreamer with an inventive personality—must learn to separate her fantasies from reality in order to differentiate friend or foe. 

As secrets unfold and the shadows emerge, Emma wonders if she can endure reliving the trauma of her past. One thing she does know for certain—she can’t do it alone. 

Will Emma escape from this monster alive? Will Chance still love her after she reveals her past? Or, will someone new teach Emma the true strength hiding within her?

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I have to say I was quite surprised in the difference between this book and the first in the series. Withstanding The Enemy was a lot darker and heavier and I was expecting something similar for this book but actually whilst there were still some darker elements overall this felt lighter and definitely played more to the romance side, which I loved.

The focus on this book was Emma fighting her demons and seeing if she can overcome them and I really appreciated that after all the trauma of the first book and what happens at the start of this one that she was given the time to explore that. There was still a lot going on with this book, it was almost split into two narratives; Emma trying to heal and Chance and the team trying to find the person who kidnapped her and still poses her a threat; so like the first book it still manages to strike the balance between action and romance.

In my review for Withstanding The Enemy I mentioned that I was a little indifferent to Chance and to be honest there was a character who was linked to Emma that I didn’t mention because I wasn’t sure it would lead to anything. Well in this book this character is another contender for Emma’s affections and I have to say that I was rooting for him as soon as I thought it was a possibility. I could really feel the chemistry between them and loved how respectful he was given the fragile state that Emma is in, now I’m not going to say who it is because it isn’t mentioned in the description, so you are just going to have to read the book to find out.

There were also another few surprises in this book that I didn’t expect, I did have a bit of an issue with an aspect of one of them but it would spoil it too much to go into detail. Having said that I did enjoy that feeling of not knowing what was going to happen next and as the tension started to build as I neared the end of the book I was desperate to see how everything would play out.

As expected the author has left us with a tantalising cliffhanger and I am really looking forward to the next book so that I can find out how Emma gets on with the dilemmas she is left with and what choices she will make.

T. L. Mahrt is a former business owner, where she utilized her education in cosmetology, barbering and massage therapy for several years. She was raised on and is currently living on a farm in Nebraska, where you can find her running barefoot in the country side with her loving husband and inspiring children and massive dogs. 

After having her son, who was born with Cerebral Palsy, she made the life altering decision to stay home to care for her two children and pursue her love for writing. She has a love for romance and poetry where, her overactive imagination, along with her adventures and up beat lifestyle drives her inspiration for her writing. 

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