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Something a little different for me today, I don’t often read self improvement books but I’m branching out…

If a simple change of mindset could help you improve the quality of your relationships, your work and your day-to-day life… Would you try it?

In When in Doubt, the reader is encouraged to turn self-doubt into a tool that can be used to their advantage in order to produce better results at most of their endeavours.

Extracted from the author’s programming experience, the principle behind this book serves as a foundation for a mindset that the reader can use to “debug” the aspects of their life that they are not satisfied with.

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Curiosity is what brought me to this book, this year has been…a lot…so I thought why not have a look and see if I could apply this technique to my life and whether I think it would be successful.

I always find that books like this tell you things that you kind of already know or could easily figure out but often you need reminded of it or to hear it from an outside source to take it in. The concept that the author has come up with is very simple to understand and there are examples in the book to give a little more depth, but I like that it can be open to interpretation and sometimes you can come away from a point with an insight about yourself that you maybe wouldn’t have noticed before.

Regret is a poison, but finding the courage to face your fears and do the things that scare you the most is the cure.

I was a little surprised that the technique involves doubting yourself but actually the more I read on the more I discovered that I am someone that tends to react immediately and with high intensity emotions, so actually taking a pause and assessing myself and what emotions I am feeling and why is probably going to be very beneficial for me.

When In Doubt is short but sweet and is the kind of book that you could easily dip in and out of, I’m hoping that it will make some difference in my life but only time will tell.

The principle behind this book is not going to make you rich, successful or popular overnight. However, if applied correctly, this simple change of mindset can help you to improve your relationships. It can help you to get that raise that you are hoping for. It can help you increase your quality of life on a day to day basis.

Although the contents of the book are derived from the programmer’s mindset, I did my best to explain the more technical concepts in plain English for everyone to easily understand. Whether you are a high school student, an executive, an artist, a retired fisherman or anything in between, you can take advantage of this book’s lessons.

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