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Just in time for you to pick your weekend reading I am here with an excerpt to tempt you.

Family, revenge, murder, and passion spearhead this twisty steamy plot that follows ambitious young literary agent, Zia Lennox, as she makes daring professional moves in the big flashy literary world. She suffers anxiety in her personal life until she meets a wholesome southern attorney named Bryce, who properly courts her. But when she excavates an intriguing query from author Baxter Leopold, she finds herself becoming hopelessly addicted to his Chiseled Bone crime book series, and is soon smitten. 

Both men are wealthy, overseeing the two largest conglomerates in the country. One lights a scorching fire inside of her, satisfying her in exciting and foreign ways that she’s otherwise neglected. The other takes care of her heart and betters her in all of the most perfect ways. 

As stakes reach their heart-pounding precipice, Zia must choose, but when she tries to break things off with one of them, she’s manipulated psychologically and emotionally. Torrid, fulfilling sex blinds her to a reality staring her right in the face until it’s nearly too late. 

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As Zia types and sends personalized rejections for the partials she’d received, she rolls her eyes and sighs in annoyance. Today she’s having lunch with Jazz, Jenn, and the newest senior agent, Makayla Souza. Makayla’s one of the few senior agents who make it a point to regularly visit the office. The rest work from home, as is their prerogative.

She’s also the agent who was promoted after she’d lucked up on the same manuscript Zia had passed on.

Lunch with Jazz is great, and sometimes even with Lillia, but she has zero interest in listening to Makayla brag about her clientele and new-found wealth. Zia’s certainly not hating on her success, though there is a tinge of bitterness behind her agitation. She’s always happy for the humble and modest. Never for the braggadocios.

If others plead for a success story, then by all means, respond, but that’s not Makayla. She’ll introduce her accomplishments into any conversation and carry on until someone changes the subject. Zia sighs in annoyance at the thought.

She had surely wished the partials she’d read this past week were as promising as their first pages were, but they all seemed to fall flat. She’d spoken about this at the Fire Pages event. In the three weeks since she’s returned from New York, her slush pile has been a huge disappointment.

Except for Chiseled Bone, that is. But then again, she won’t know until she receives the full manuscript.

She damns Baxter Leopold for torturing her this way, then damns her own non-elite agent status. Regret intrudes. While agents like Makayla usually only lay their precious eyes on top notch material because corporate assigns them human filters, here she sits, bombarded with unedited first drafts.

Once agents land one or more successful clients, aspiring authors tend to polish their manuscripts more careful y before subbing. She certainly looks forward to that day becoming a reality.

The sound of her fingers tapping against the keys hypnotizes her and she falls into the responses, taking care with those manuscripts she’d like to revisit once major revisions have been made. She always recommends resourceful information, useful tips, and suggestions.

She’s never condescending to an aspiring author.

Onyx Gold is a writer of all-things romantic suspense. The stories Onyx writes are primarily imitations of life with extreme twists. Onyx’s debut title, Chameleons, is the first in a tantalizing, unexpected trilogy.

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