everywhere in December

Well a positive for my December, I completed my Goodreads challenge, yay!!! Well I suppose that and all the good books I read, but I’ll celebrate any small achievement this year. I also decided to be good to myself and take a week away from posting, because I seem to be finding reading a bit difficult again but I’ve got some exciting books coming up for January so hopefully I can kickstart my mojo once again.

A thriller with a complex plot, a lot of surprises and brilliant pacing to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Second book in the series the same story written from the male protagonists point of view, a nice insight into him but perhaps too repetitive.

A brilliant supernatural romance with action and adventure set in a world that I’ve been introduced to in another series that I am really enjoying.

Second book in the series with not as much fire as I had hoped but still entertaining and I enjoyed getting back in touch with the characters from the first book.

Third and final book in the series, a spot on mafia romance, with great characters and an intriguing storyline.

My only Christmas read this month and what a fun and magical book to get into the festive spirit.

I also participated in the book tag my year in books 2020 which was a lot of fun.

I hosted an excerpt of Glimmer of Hope by J A Andrews and a guest post from author Oscar Wenman-Hyde on why he wrote his book Chroma.

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