Popsugar reading challenge 2021

On my first post of this year I said that one of my goals was to try and up my Netgalley percentage but to be honest there are a lot of amazing books on my shelves that I have also been neglecting. So to try and get through some of this backlog whilst also being a little bit accountable for it and trying to make it fun, I have decided to do the Popsugar reading challenge but as much as possible only using books I already have on my shelves.

If you want to find out more about the challenge then you can check out the Popsugar post which has the links for the Goodreads group, twitter tag and Facebook etc to play along and of course the most important bit, the list of prompts to tick off throughout the year. Also it is a printable so you can actually tick it off, which made me super excited.

There are quite a few of the prompts that I don’t have a current book for so if I manage to get through the ones I know I can tick off I will then look at some of the prompts I can’t answer right now and maybe by then I’ll have some books that will do the trick. I won’t list all the prompts because there are fifty overall but I will keep a track on my reading challenge page, however here is a little peek at some of the books that I am determined to read for this challenge.

By my tally that is thirty two books that I am hoping to read which is hopefully quite doable over the year, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

3 thoughts on “Popsugar reading challenge 2021”

  1. Hi Kate. I have been doing the Pop Sugar Reading Challenge for the last few years now and I try to do the same thing, use books I already have on my shelves. Going through the prompts and getting the books to match in the beginning is very helpful. Thanks for the reminder! I would be interested to know which prompts your books fill. Happy reading!

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    1. This is my first time attempting it, but I was glad I was able to fill so many with books I already have and I didn’t even properly look at the 10 “advanced” prompts but they are all TBR related so hopefully I’ll be able to tick off more than I listed. Happy reading to you too 😊

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