100 days of Hipstamatic Magic

This year the 100 day project decided to start a little earlier this year, which I am glad of because it’s nice to have something to remind you to have a little creative moment especially at this time of year and with everything that’s happened recently. Last year, like many, I had some major life changes and that unfortunately completely upended my project and I never managed to get back to it, I’m still hoping to at some point, but for this years project I knew I wanted to do something that would be attainable for me, something that will hopefully get me back in the creative swing without being too much pressure.

In case you’re not familiar with the 100 day project it’s about doing something creative for 100 days and documenting it through Instagram, creating your own hashtag so that all your work can be seen together. For this years project I decided that each day I would take a photo with my hipstamatic camera app and each photo will be using a different lens or film and decided to go with the hashtag #100daysofHipstamaticMagic.

We have already passed the quarter point of the project so I thought I would share the project so far but also I realised only a few days ago that it might be nice to see what the effects do so I’m going to include the originals here as well so that you can see.

The Project

The Originals

As you can see a lot of nature, sometimes it’s quite hard to find something to take an image of that isn’t just the same thing over and over but I’m not getting out to too many places so I’ve done not too badly considering.

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