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I have another guest post today which is quite comical from author Nicole Locke.

The Knight’s Runaway Maiden
Nicole Locke

She hates all Warstones.

Can this one win her love?

Balthus of Warstone secretly loved Séverine, even though she was unhappily married to his brute of a brother, then she fled six years ago. Now her husband is dead, Balthus must find Séverine and reclaim her sons as his father’s heirs. Balthus’ desire is to claim her too, and despite his battle-maimed arm and her distrust of his family, he’ll prove he’s a suitor worthy of such a courageous woman…

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A self-imposed interview with Nicole Locke.       

So what’s happening with this #LoversandLegends series anyway?

Nothing much…and a lot. Each book is a standalone and has its own HEA. There are no cliff-hangers.

What makes it a series then? 

            There’s some people and they marry each other, and those people have families. Everyone knows each other. Easiest way to guess if a secondary character will have his own book is if he’s got a hot name. Busby?=No. Reynold=Yes. 

            But… it’s a bit more than that.

            I knew it. I’m not investing in a series if it’s complicated.

            It’s not complicated! It’s just…. Besides marriage, there’s another way everyone knows each other: The Jewell of Kings.

            The reason these meet-cutes keep happening between heroes and heroines is that everyone is after this gem (Jewell of Kings) which is hidden in the hollowed-handled dagger (the jewelled dagger). The gem is like Excalibur and whomever holds the dagger, holds the power over Scotland (there’s a war going on at the time between England and Scotland, so the Jewell is kind of important).

             That is the craziest storyline. Who would believe such a thing?

            In true history, King Edward I of England and his wife adored King Arthur. They constantly wanted stories about the Holy Grail, made holiday plans on it, etc. I simply made up another artifact and had everyone chasing after that.

So if this is like real life and the gem is Excalibur, what’s so important about the jewelled dagger?

            It’s got some scrollwork on it, and points to a treasure. Some of the characters realise that legends are great and all, but villains are really gonna want the treasure.

            Just like true history, King Edward may have believed in Excalibur, but he still needed coin for the wars he was waging. Both coin and legends are important to the Lovers and Legends series, too.

            How many books are you writing in this series? What number is The Knight’s Runaway Maiden?          

            Number…eleven. Again, each one is a standalone! There are just these Easter eggs for the characters and for readers spread throughout the stories. I like it when readers guess what will happen in the books, but I love it when they can’t.

            It seems long.

            Yeah, well, it was supposed to be four books. Then the villain family was far too drool-worthy, but in order to pursue them I had to go back a few years and set them up with what they’ve been doing. Trust me, the villain family is worth reading.

            However, I’m about there with the series.

            You mean…it’s over?

            I’m writing the last book in the series now: Malcolm of Clan Colquhoun. He was supposed to one of the original four books. Four siblings in Clan Colquhoun= four books.             

            There will be thirteen books in all. But…

            I knew it was complicated; what more could there be?

            Pay attention to some of the sexy heroes with hot names who didn’t make it in the Lovers and Legends series. They may not be chasing after the Jewell of Kings, but they’ll have their HEA in a new series.  

            Tell us more! Which ones are they?

            Nope. You’ll have to guess now.

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Nicole is the author of Harlequin/Mills and Boon Lovers and Legends Historical series. If she isn’t working on the next book, she can be reached at, Facebook, and Twitter!

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