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Today I am sharing an excerpt from Her Sister’s Baby.

Her Sister’s Baby
Emma Bennet

 A beautiful and emotional page turner about loss, promises, and finding love in the most unexpected of places

Woken in the middle of the night by the horrific news that her estranged sister has been killed in a fatal car crash, Sophie abruptly finds herself guardian to a niece, Alana, she never knew existed. The baby gives Sophie a way to cope with her grief, and a new focus to her life, but the unexpected appearance of Samson, Alana’s father, wanting his daughter to now live with him, threatens to destroy Sophie’s newly formed family.

Can Sophie and the seemingly feckless Samson, reach a compromise, or will Sophie be forced to give up her sister’s baby?

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The road was deserted, illuminated only by the beams of her headlights stabbing out, piercing the thick, encompassing darkness. Her mind was a maelstrom of emotion and her cheeks wet with tears. Anger was dominant; at the situation, but mainly at herself, and she realised she was pressing down on the accelerator far too aggressively and needed to slow down. She gently eased the pressure on the pedal.

The dashboard display showed it was just after 11:30 pm. But she wasn’t tired. Running on adrenalin, she was determined to right some wrongs tonight. Even if that resolution hadn’t gone well so far. The past… well, she’d made a lot of mistakes in life. Hurt too many people. It was time she made amends for what she could. 

This wasn’t how she’d planned to spend her evening. By this time she’d usually be tucked up in bed, her little girl asleep in her cot at the end of it. But she’d be back home, back with her precious daughter, in a few hours.

She glanced across at her bag on the passenger seat, needing, at a deep level, to triple check the letter was still poking out of it. It had been hard to write. And impossible to send. She’d had it for ages, re-reading it, re-writing it, trying to find the words to ask for forgiveness. In-person, she thought she’d flounder, freeze up or say the wrong thing, her intentions not be believed. And who could be surprised at that? She’d gone between giving up on the whole thing, then gathering her resolve. So, she’d decided to put things down on paper.  But afraid of being rejected, she hadn’t been brave enough to send it.

She was going to do this, she reiterated like a mantra. Today. Now. She’d felt she should at least take it in person. Atonement in some way.

She looked back at the road. Christ! She hit the brakes as hard she could, instinctively yanking the steering wheel and swerving violently to avoid the black cat fleetingly registered in that sliver of a second, dead ahead in her path. 

Too much, too late.

The car drove straight off the road and smashed into the barrier. 

Emma grew up and lived in London, before falling in love and moving to Wales to marry her own hero. Emma now lives with her husband, 4 children, and many animals a few miles outside of a small Welsh market town. She can often be found in rivers attempting to control two overexcited chocolate labradors. Emma likes (in no particular order): cake, books, Cary Grant films, prosecco, chocolate, guinea pigs, knitting, quilting and happily ever afters!

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