everywhere in August

A great reading month for me, I love it when I have a month with great books! The writing is still coming on a lot slower, really struggling with the actual reviews but enjoying the reading is what counts. I reached my own goal for the 20 books of summer challenge…the end of challenge post is still to come though…I am quite behind on my goodreads and my popsugar reading challenge but I’m hoping that in the coming months I’ll be able to keep up this good reading streak, especially as the weather turns and it becomes the perfect time to get cozy with books. Before we get to that though, here is what happened in August…

The Lucky Escape | Laura Jane Williams

A light-hearted adventure with a bit of romance in a lovely setting.

The Lido | Libby Page

I loved this book, it is just an uplifting and beautiful story with wonderful characters.

Sleeping With A Psychopath | Carolyn Woods

Not quite as good as I was expecting, a few structural issues I still wanted to get to the end but I wasn’t invested.

Rock Paper Scissors | Alice Feeney

Brilliant and unexpected, I can’t say much but I would recommend it.

56 Days | Catherine Ryan Howard

A gripping and intense thriller and a great twist on the pandemic.

Fireborn | Aisling Fowler

Brilliant and exciting middle grade fantasy, full of adventure and very enjoyable.

The Other Black Girl | Zakiya Dalila Harris

A slow burn book with a lot of mounting tension and an unusual ending that really stuck with me.

The Breakup Monologues | Rosie Wilby

A brilliant look at relationships and breakups and what we can learn from them, whilst also being very funny.

I also hosted some great content for these books…

Guest posts for Sophomania and Finding Summer Happiness, and an excerpt of Summer at Blue Sands Cove.

I also posted my three quarter point update for my 100 day project.

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