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Today I have a guest post from author Lorey Durston about one of the main characters from Carrying Clover.

Carrying Clover
Lorey Durston

Newly single Camille Robins luck is about to change as she embarks on a new chapter of her life, moving to the city near her best friend, Lizzie.

A chance meeting at Lou’s B&B, Camille meets George, a handsome man who sweeps her off her feet.

Can Lizzie forgive Camille for stealing her previous boyfriend, or will she seek revenge?

Camille can’t believe her luck! George can’t believe how perfect she is….

Was it a fate romance, or part of an evil plan?

A fresh new twist on a psychological thriller, fast-paced, clever, and thought provoking that will make you question who is the lucky one.

Luck, love, deceit, and heartbreak will keep you turning the page. And a breathtaking twist you won’t see coming, will stay with you long after you have finished reading.

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Today I am going to introduce the main male character – George Frane and give you a little insight into his life.

The most interesting fact about him is his namesake! His surname Frane is taken from the famous Croatian man Frane Selak, who’s known to be the luckiest man in the world and to have cheated death 7 times!

Some would say that’s unlucky and that’s the thing – with our George Frane you won’t know until you have read our book, is he going to end up the luckiest or the unluckiest man alive?

As a child George struggled with some hidden demons, and it’s only been in his adult life that those demons have made him the man he is today. Throughout Carrying Clover, it will show, though strong minded if he wants something he will stop at nothing to get it!

George has a small box flat in Bristol but spends most of his time travelling for work. He loves to arrange his work so that he can stay at a B&B in somerset. He has become best friends with the owner there – Lou. He will do anything to help Lou and vice versa.

George’s character blossoms though the book, he meets Camille by chance at a B&B and sweeps her off her feet. George and Lou absolutely love Camille and George is a true gentleman to her, treating her like a princess and she just can’t believe her luck after her last boyfriend was abusive to her. As their relationship progresses, she begins to question some of George’s actions and motives, and a different side to him unveils.

It’s clear as the book progresses that he is a superstitious man, especially when it comes to his unborn child. He presents a clover necklace to Camille, the mother of his child and instructs her to wear it whilst she is carrying his baby, and to never take it off under no circumstances. He makes sure that she does everything by the book during pregnancy and it is plain for her to see that he will be an excellent father once the baby is born.

George is handsome, with a witty sense of humour you can’t help but fall in love with him and for us as the creator of him, he is by far the most interesting and unpredictable character in the book. Snippets throughout the book from George will make you want to read more about his thoughts as they are dark, funny, sweet and some well they are just damn right evil!

Lorey Durston is an author of thriller and suspense novels. CARRYING CLOVER is her debut novel. She is currently working on her next suspense novel to be released late 2021.

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