everywhere in June

I had high hopes for June and then it ended being just as mixed as May, was a little unwell struggled to read, got busy and distracted. Since June is the middle of the year I decided to share my reading stats up to this point in my mid year check in, I am a few books shy of being on track with my Goodreads challenge and I am only two books into my 20 books of summer challenge…however next month I have a holiday which means uninterrupted reading time! Before I get to enjoy my holiday books, here is what I read this month…

The Darkest Temptation | Danielle Lori

A dark romance, not quite what I had hoped for, but still enjoyable to a point.

Mrs Death Misses Death | Salena Godden

A very interesting beautifully read and written book, unique and lyrical.

Siege and Storm | Leigh Bardugo

A brilliant second part to the series, with a bit of a different energy but an exciting end.

Coming up…

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