RWDC reading challenge

I mean my track record with reading challenges is not the best but I am determined to try and make my Netgalley goal for this year achievable, so I figured maybe this time something to work too with a bit of structure might be a good thing. So this is a challenge hosted by Read Watch Drink Coffee over on The StoryGraph and is four prompts per month that are not too restrictive to help us get through our TBR piles.

I like that there is a set number of prompts per month because sometimes leaving me to my own devices doesn’t work too well, but with something that I can tick off I might be able to actually get to some of the books that have been sadly neglected. Plus there are really nice graphics for sharing what you are reading and your progress over on Instagram and I am a sucker for a nice graphic. Also I haven’t used The StoryGraph before but I quite like how they break down the reading stats at the end of the year so I am excited to use it properly this year.

Since there are 48 prompts I am not going to list them all here, I will make a page with them on so that I can tick off my progress because I also love doing that, but for now here are the books that might make it for January and February’s prompts…

Let’s hope that this will help me make a little dent in my book pile and might even help towards my percentage goal.

Are you taking part in any challenges to help get the TBR pile under control?


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