everywhere in February

I can’t believe the month is over it feels like it just got started, I found that I had a bit of difficulty reading at the start of the month, thankfully I had some good audiobooks to get me through until I could pick up a physical book again. I am a little behind on my reading goals for the month but not by much, and I didn’t manage to complete all the prompts for my RWDC reading challenge but I’m hoping to catch up over the next couple of months.

Whilst I didn’t manage a lot of books I did manage some good ones…

Maps of Our Spectacular Bodies | Maddie Mortimer

An amazing, unusual but utterly enthralling book exploring life and body.

The Memory Librarian | Janelle Monáe

A wonderful collection of stories that explore identity and relationships in a dystopian world.

Once Upon A Broken Heart | Stephanie Garber

Amazing concept, fantastic world-building, full of magic and adventure.

I also posted the first chapter of the new book by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher, Never Never.

Coming Up…

I’m hoping for a more stable reading month in March and some enjoyable books.


1 thought on “everywhere in February”

  1. I have Tomorrow, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow on hold at the library. You had a good month of reading, especially since you weren’t in a reading mood


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