everywhere in March and April

It has been a turbulent couple of months for me and for some reason I have not been able to really get into reading, there was a little kick at the start of April but then it just fizzled out again. So I am a little behind on my reading goals but I am not going to be too strict with myself about meeting them I’m just going to read when I can. Since I didn’t read a lot over the last two months I have combined them into one post, so here is what I was reading…

Royal Blood | Aimée Carter

A brilliant YA drama with a high profile family and some big scandals and a girl trying to make sense of it all.

Not Here To Stay Friends | Kaitlyn Hill

A friends-to-lovers YA with a reality TV setting and an unexpected ending.

Queen Bee | Amalie Howard

Scheming, flirtations and scandal, with some well plotted revenge in this YA historical romance.

The Witches Of Vardø | Anya Bergman

A harrowing and emotional historical fiction based on witch trials.

Twisted Pride | Cora Reilly

The third book in this particular Mafia series from this author and an enjoyable addition.

Usually I would add what I was thinking of reading next month but since I’m not wanting to add any extra pressure I’m just going to see what I feel like and hope that I can find my joy in reading again.


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