Milestone #giveaway !!

I don't really have a blogiversary because when I first started on my journey I set everything up and then chickened out of actually putting anything into my lovely little space and when I did finally make an attempt I was a little lost soul for a while. So instead of celebrating a blogiversary because… Continue reading Milestone #giveaway !!

R- Rape, there I said it

Because this lady has an amazing way with words and those five lines are truth 🙂

Randoms by a Random

IMG_5428The Shock on their faces,
And the line of their lips,
Spoke much more than words,
Ever uttered could speak,
When she stood up
On a 9 am
I was a victim of rape,
There- I said it.

Enshrouded by shame,
And Shadowed by fear,
For five years I wallowed,
Under the victim’s umbrella,
The word- I couldn’t utter,
Four letters of terror,
Hidden by society-
It happened to me.

The shock on their faces,
And the silence abound,
Fuelled up her drive,
As she spoke on her life,
She mentioned statitics,
And looked at the crowd-
Rape- Is a crime,
And shame is a lie.
You’ve a right to your story,
Your body,
Your mind.

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So you may or may not be aware but lovely lady JM Sullivan created this game on Twitter, using the prompt each day we had to share something about our writing using #authorconfession. I took part but thought since January is over that it would be fun to share them on here as well...I just… Continue reading #authorconfession


I hope you all have an amazing new year and are celebrating in style!! I don't usually do resolutions because I tend to break them instantly but one that I am hoping to stick to is to finish the book that I started during NaNoWriMo. I hope if you do make any resolutions that you… Continue reading HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Endings and new beginnings

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