So you may or may not be aware but lovely lady JM Sullivan created this game on Twitter, using the prompt each day we had to share something about our writing using #authorconfession.


I took part but thought since January is over that it would be fun to share them on here as well…I just realised that I missed the first one out so now I can answer that too.


Who is your fav character in your WIP?

Hunter, he’s a good guy on the “wrong” side, I still don’t know his fate but I hope he gets a happy ending.

What is your biggest writing challenge?

Finding the time to sit down and write without being distracted is a big challenge for me.

How many WIPs do you have?

Too many! Ones that have actual planning/writing maybe 4 but have loads of other ideas all partly planned, just waiting.

How did you choose your genre?

I haven’t, I’d rather not affix labels until something’s complete but I suppose current WIP is a dystopian type thing.

Describe your main character in 3 words.

Briar – determined, resourceful, resilient

Lyall – stubborn, committed, strong

What word do you use way too much?

usually, suddenly, just…there are probably a few more but those are the ones I have picked up on recently

How long have you been writing WIP?

ugh…well…mmm… …maybe…possibly a wee bit before that… even 😳

What is your biggest pet peeve in books?

when books are called the next Girl on Train (insert other big hyped book here), don’t mind them saying good for fans of, but let the book stand on its own

How do you choose character names?

sometimes they just kind of appear in my head…othertimes baby name websites for inspiration…or just people I know

What do you like best about YOUR writing?

I’m not sure what I like about my writing…that’s difficult…but I like my storlines if that counts ☺️

Which book do you wish you had written?

I’m not sure…The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury is the first one that springs to mind or Stardust by Neil Gaiman.

Describe your villan in 3 words.

my villain in 3 words… Forceful, menacing, relentless

How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing since I was little, I’m pretty sure my first story was about my Grans dog 🐶😋

Who is your favourite character of all time?

That’s too hard…we could be here a while…although I’ve always been partial to a bit of Mr Darcy 😉

Tell a secret about your WIP

I don’t really have any interesting secrets to share, now I’m wondering if that’s a good thing or a bad thing? 😳

Who is your least favourite character in your WIP?

the unnamed flat mate because she pretends to care but is really working against MC, very fake and damaging (she still needs a name)

What should all books have?

all books should be relatable whether in story or in characters or in situations, I think that’s what pulls you in 😊

What is your favourite quote from your WIP?

“I’m blindfolded, you already told me I wouldn’t get far, so what exactly would I have accomplished from running?” 💁🏻

What scares you most about writing?

that I’ll never be happy enough with what I’ve written to call it finished, so in essence I’ll never reach my goals 😳

Do you have writing pals or do you ride solo?

I fly solo but I do like to connect with other writers to see what they are up to and for tips through blogs etc

What do you want to accomplish with writing?

I just want to share the worlds that I have in my head with others, and if they like it then that’s a plus ☺️

What is your favourite scenen in your WIP?

it won’t make sense to anyone but Briar trying to readjust to an old life and how she sees everything differently

Have you ever “killed an enemy” in your writing?

I haven’t killed an enemy yet, but I have written many of them as horrid types that nobody likes 😊

1 thing you wish people knew about you.

I am terrified of spiders and pigeons and sometimes can’t think of anything witty or interesting to say ☺

What is your fav inspirational quote?

“All that we see or seen is but a dream within a dream.” Edgar Allen Poe ❤

reminds me to keep dreaming up stories and take inspiration in anything

When do you write?

I get the urge at the most inconvenient time of the day, like when Im at work or have lots of other things needing done

Where do you write?

anywhere I can, I prefer somewhere without distractions but sometimes the mood strikes in the weirdest of places ☺

Who do you “channel” when you write?

I channel my imagination, its where all the good stuff comes from ✨

Who do you most admire?

I most admire anyone that tries to get their story out there, writers are an amazing bunch 😍

Claim your # ! Explain your choice.

😳 not so good at these, I won’t use the title that’s still a WIP but I could claim as a sort of tagline

Pitch your WIP! Let us have it!

Briar always lived by the rules but ends up running for her life, into territory outside the law, who can she trust? 📖

(I have to say that pitch makes it sound like a crime book so I don’t think I did too well on that one, if you do want a better pitch you can check out my synopsis here)

The game continues through this month as well, you can always keep up or join in through twitter with #authorconfession


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