Romantic Notions

- They walked in companionable silence; it was early but they had both felt the need to clear their heads before they faced the onslaught of family visiting over the weekend. She kept mentally scolding herself, the purpose of this walk was to concentrate on themselves and the now. She had been thinking about what… Continue reading Romantic Notions

Noughts and Crosses

- She stood staring at the fridge, wondering if this was a good sign or a bad omen. They had been doing this for years, a tradition that was so predictable she often wondered why they still did it but would never dream of giving it up. She was noughts, he was crosses and whoever… Continue reading Noughts and Crosses

The Village

- Even though it was spectacularly pretty it was a bit eerie. Natalie had prepared for village life as best she could and was sure she would rise to the challenge, she had rather hoped that there would be people around though. Ones she could practice speaking with so she would pick up the language… Continue reading The Village

Enquiring minds

- “I really want to go in” “We’re not allowed” “But just to paddle my feet, it’s too hot.” “Mum says that there is a monster in the water that eats little boys that disturb it with splashing.” “Paddling isn’t splashing…” “It might still eat you though.” “I don’t know if Mum is telling the… Continue reading Enquiring minds

The circle

- He told me to be still but I was having trouble with it. "You're fidgety, restless with yourself, you need to learn to take the time to appreciate what's around you." his husky voice would often lament. The city was in my young bones, trying to commune with nature was speaking another language, one… Continue reading The circle