S is for…Stargazer Lillies

I will be very honest, I know there are white lilies and there are white stargazer lilies and I’m not entirely sure which type the lily in the photo is; I’m leaning toward stargazer because it has the pink speckles. Having said that I love lilies so that’s a moot point. I don’t know when I decided that lilies were my favourite flower; I just know that they are. Whilst some would say they are associated with funerals, symbolizing that the soul of the departed has received restored innocence after death others say that they are a sign of humanity and devotion. I like that there is either the pink stargazer which is vibrant and eye-catching, or there is the white that is muted and elegant, there may be more I’m no flower expert. The lily in the photo is actually from a bouquet I received from another favourite…Scorpio, he bought me these as a surprise for my birthday last

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