T is for…Tattoos

I caught this bug a few years ago; well that’s not entirely true. I’ve wanted a tattoo for a long time but knew I had to be really certain of what I was putting on my body, the actual inking only started a few years ago. The above picture is my first tattoo, it’s pretty amazing, but I suppose I have to say that. Since then I have wanted loads more but have tried to be sensible and sit on the idea for a while before committing to one. This has worked for the most part, I only have one spontaneous one, and I don’t hate it but I am hoping to get it covered. What a surprise. Luckily it’s small and there’s not a lot to it so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it can be done. Which brings me back to my little tease at the end of my last post. The plan is to have some

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