K is for…Kindle

   Being a tactile person I always loved flicking through the pages of a book, so when eBooks first became a thing I wasn’t that fussed. Then I received a book as a present that was part of a series, unfortunately I read through the first book to find that the rest of the series hadn’t yet made the transition to paper copy. I wasn’t sure what to do because at the time I didn’t have the money to buy a Kindle. Eventually I discovered that I could get the Kindle app on my phone, and life was rosy again.  I finished the book series, which I really enjoyed, but then I wondered what other eBooks are there to read out there…and I was a goner. The next Christmas; even though my parents had said they were scaling back on Christmas because they’d just spent loads of money re-doing our house; I got a proper Kindle as a gift. My

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